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Still (expanded post)

20 Dec

I enjoyed Roelof Bakker‘s exhibition ‘Still’ at Hornsey Town Hall in November, although I personally feel this series is too dispersed or diverse and needs further editing into a smaller group or groups.  The images that were of most interest are the few of the large spaces devoid of life such as The Green Room below, The Council Chamber and The Stage (Piano), along with those of stacks of ancient scrolls or plans, creating a honeycomb of history, each numbered with a luggage tag.

Most haunting, however, was the video, which was under-promoted.  This included scenes from many more interesting parts of the building than are included in the images exhibited.  We appear to have stepped into a 1930s that has been abandoned.  It’s as if a major event has devoid the place of life.  Perhaps we lost the second world war.  Or else something along the lines of the early plot of 28 Days Later has occurred.  The space is ready for use but there is no life here.

Many of the spaces we see seem of a peculiar antiquation that is beyond twenty-first or late twentieth century business use yet not like anywhere I have seen conserved as a museum.  I can only guess anywhere equivalent has already fallen into disuse and been demolished.  The spaces are abandoned, yet feel too fresh, crisp, new and little used, as if we have travelled back in time. 

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